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How it Works

Cost of Insurance

Comprehensive motor insurance for luxury vehicles does come at a cost.

At 50Fifty we refund you up to 15 days’ worth of premiums if you drive your car for 15 days or less during the calendar month. That’s a guaranteed 50% saving on your motor insurance risk premium and you don’t have to jump through behavioural hoops or severely limit the kilometres you drive.

For every day you drive past the 15 day threshold, your risk premium refund reduces by a daily risk premium rate.

If your car was driven every day during a particular month, there are no additional penalties – you won’t be eligible for a rebate for that month.

How it Works


Minimum drivers age 30 years old and must hold a valid drivers licence for 10 years or more

If driven more than 15 days

Product Features

Full comprehensive cover

Our product offers fully comprehensive cover, every day. Just because we give daily premiums back, doesn’t mean we reduce your insurance cover.

Daily Premium Refunded

For the days that you do not drive your car we refund you the daily premium up to a maximum of 15 days per calendar month as a rebate into the 50FIFTY Debit Card

Nominated address

It is the address you nominated as an address where the vehicle can be parked during a 24-hour period.

You are not limited to the number of Nominated Addresses you may have.


If you drive your car for more than 15 days the rebate reduces by the fixed daily pay-per-day rate

Never pay More

You will never pay more for your insurance than the premium we originally quoted, you benefit from earning a rebate for the days that you do not drive your car – limited to 15 days

50Fifty Debit Card

You can use your TAP enabled 50Fifty Debit Card to transact with any vendor and spend on anything you like – it is your money to spend

The 50Fifty App

  • Track your vehicle location using a compatible telematics device
  • Use the dashboards to track days used to maximise rebates – usage is updated daily
  • Access full policy information per vehicle linked to the profile
  • Track any changes made to the profile
  • Check the “available funds” value on the rebate card – updated daily
  • The FAQ section is available for more product details

Customised insurance tailormade to suit your lifestyle.

Let’s get you covered.