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Don’t drive your car
every day?
Get a daily risk premium back for days
you don’t drive your car.
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How it Works

Revolutionise Usage Based Insurance

Insurance premiums are based on your risk profile assuming you drive your car every day. What about days you don’t drive your car, doesn’t the risk reduce? Of course it does!

We at 50Fifty believe your cost of insurance should follow suit as your risk reduces therefore we will refund you the daily risk premium for days you don’t drive your car.

There are many Usage Based Insurance products out there with the promise of big rewards, however, reward rules tend to be complicated as they police your driving behaviour or there are severe limits on the kilometers you drive..

The 50Fifty concept is simple – we provide comprehensive insurance cover with one basic condition, for the days you don’t drive your insured car the daily premium gets refunded to you


Use your car regularly? no problem

Vehicle use in SA averages 22 days per month. That’s 8 days premium back to you.

Benefits of using your car occasionally

15 days premium back to you

Pride and joy waiting for your next drive?

Comprehensively insured but you still get the daily premiums back

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