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1. What is a rebate?

A rebate is the non-usage day value we refund to you via your 50Fifty debit card, for the days your car wasn’t used during the month. You automatically qualify for 15 days which we refund to you for using your car for 15 days or less in a month. For every day you exceed this 15 day threshold, your rebate will reduce by a Pay-Per-Day rate.

2. What is a Pay-Per-Day rate?

This is the daily rate your rebate reduces by, for every single day your car was used beyond the 15 day threshold. We divide your monthly risk premium by the average amount of days in a month, which equates to 30 days. The value of this equals a Pay-Per-Day rate.

3. What constitutes daily usage?

If your car leaves your Nominated Address during a 24 hour period, the vehicle was used for the day. It doesn’t matter how many times the vehicle left or returned to the address during this period, the vehicle was used for the day.

4. What is a Nominated Address?

It is the address you nominated as an address where the vehicle can be parked during a 24 hour period. You are not limited to the number of Nominated Addresses you may have.

5. What is a 24 hour period?

A 24 hour period, is the timeframe between 00:00:01 hours (HH: MM: SS) and 23:59:59.

6. How do you know the vehicle was used in a 24 hour period?

We automatically retrieve the data from an approved telematics device installed in your vehicle.

We do not dictate to you which service providers you have to use. Our technology allows us to gather the data from all the main telematics service providers in South Africa.

This means that if you have a preinstalled device, we can get the data from your existing service provider with your written consent.

However, the device installed in your vehicle will have to conform with the minimum requirements our system needs to collate the data.

If you do not have a device installed, we can provide you with a suitable device.

7. What if my telematics device is not working?

A non-functioning device means that we are not able to calculate your rebates based on usage. However, our technology allows us to inform you when a device is non-functional. If we are unable to calculate your rebates, the rebate for that vehicle will be suspended until such time that one of your service providers can remedy the problem. We will inform you if the device is not working and you will need to schedule an appointment with your service provider and upon confirmation that the device has been restored to working order, the rebate will be reinstated.

8. I have a claim, what do I do?

Considering you’ve experienced a loss; we want to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you. All you need to do is dial 016 004 0205 and our professional claims management team will guide you through the process.

9. I have an emergency, what do I do?

In the event of an emergency, whether you require roadside assistance or have experienced an accident where you and your vehicle need to be taken to safety, our only concern is to do this as quickly as possible. All you need to do is dial our emergency number, 016 004 0205.

Whatever you do, do not hand over your vehicle to a towing company that was not dispatched by our emergency team.

10. How does my 50Fifty Debit Card work?

We issue you with a 50Fifty debit card and transfer your monthly rebates directly into the card, approximately 10 days following the conclusion of a month of cover.

This card is not a loyalty card but a Debit Card issued by Standard Bank. As a result, the cash you accumulate in the card is cash and we allow you to do with your money whatever you please.

You can withdraw money from an ATM or use it to transact anywhere, even overseas.

Keep in mind though, it is not a credit card facility so you are limited to the value of funds accumulated in the card.

Should additional information be required, a 50Fifty approved broker will be able to assist. Terms and conditions will apply.

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